Monday, February 4, 2008

How can you not notice?

"A girl puked on my cock once. I didn't even notice. We were in the dark and I guess she was really embarrassed so she cleaned it all up and didn't say anything. Months later she called me and apologized and that's how I found out about it."


  1. ...

    I know more than one person who's had a similar experience.

    More than three, actually.

  2. ...

    apparently this happens... all the time?


    what the hell, aebhel

  3. It's never happened to me, for the record. I try not to give people blowjobs when I'm drunk/nauseous enough that throwing up is a real possibility...but apparently, I'm a rarity in this regard.

  4. Aebhel - it's never happened to me but I've come perilously close stone sober, just because I got overambitious with the deep throating and I've got a bad gag reflex. So it's not just a drunk thing.

    (This is a great way to suddenly and awkwardly shift the balance of power in a BDSM scene, by the way. Particularly if your Dom has fastidious tendencies and you're tied up on his brand new sofa.

    "Yeah, take it deep, bitch. Deeper..."
    *ack* *gag* *urk* "Um, I, uh, need some water and fresh air now... sir."
    "Yes ma'am right away here's some water I'm untying you now please don't throw up please.")

  5. Shit happens, even to pros. Granted, she wasn't a prostitute at the time, but still, it really is more common than you would think.

  6. According to Dan Savage, to throw up during a blowjob is to "Huckabee."

    I'll add that this has never happened to me. Of course, the number of times I received vigorous oral sex can be counted on one tooth.

  7. Bruno - Maybe it hasn't happened, and then again, maybe you just don't know about it yet.

  8. Hasn't puke got really harsh chemicals in it? I can't believe that didn't sting like hell.