Friday, February 29, 2008


Very often, when we're just starting to have sex, Alan and I will smile at each other. Or flat out laugh. Later on stuff will get serious, we'll wear our tight-set determined faces or our pleasure/pain grimaces or wide-eyed gasps, but in the beginning we can realize how silly the whole thing is.

There's some strange mix of joy and embarrassment and hilarity that washes over us. "Goddamn, I've got part of another person's body inside me and we're ass-naked and making ridiculous noises... and I love it."

What can you do but smile?


  1. I love it when it works like that, when you can laugh at the silliness of it without dissipating the intensity (or, not too much). IME, it's not a common thing; not everyone can balance the two, and for it to work, both participants (or "all participants", if that's what's on the menu) have to be able to do it.


  2. My boyfriend and I often crack up in the middle of sex. The ridiculous noises are usually the cause - plus, I'm beyond ticklish. Truly, there may be no one more ticklish than I that anyone I know knows.

    The truth of that is that all he has to do is touch me in certain spots and I start shrieking and giggling and shaking from head to toe. And he finds it hilarious, while for me, it's pretty much torturous.