Thursday, February 7, 2008


Standing at the foot of Alan's bed, both of us down to our jeans, clinched tight together. Our lips are pressed tight together, long hungry kisses interrupted only by little gaspy breaths. Our hands clutch and stroke each other, not "the good parts" but anywhere we can reach. Alan's back and arms are tight with muscle, his skin pale brown in the dim light and butter-soft. Our chests are pressed together, my nipples hard against his pecs, until he breaks the clinch just enough to bend down and very gently suck on my nipple, and I let out a little sigh.

He lets me go, kisses me again, and I start to kiss my way down him, stopping at all the spots I know he likes--a nibble on the earlobe, little bites down the side of his neck and into the hollow of his collarbone, lapping my tongue down his chest and over his nipple, going to my knees and kissing his belly and then darting my tongue down as far under his waistband as I can go.

I cup him through his jeans first, feeling him hard and getting a reaction even though all that sturdy denim. I undo his pants and underpants and yank them down and he's hard as hell, his cock up so far it's almost flat to his belly and I just attack it with my mouth. Alan's a quiet man but that's the one thing that makes him moan, and when I wet my lips and slide them down his cock to the base I hear a low "oh" and his hand is shaky and his motions not quite controlled as he reaches down and holds the side of my face.

We could keep going like this, let him come in my mouth, and feeling his cock warm and thick in my mouth I almost don't want to let it go, but he pulls me up to my feet and lays me down on the edge of the bed. I pull my jeans off, spread my legs, and lay my hand on the back of his head as he starts to lap at my pussy. He runs his tongue up and down my lips, teases at the opening of my cunt, and then moves up and sucks hard on my clit. I gasp and my whole body tenses, and at that moment he stops and in one fluid motion moves up my body and starts fucking me.

Our heights put us directly face to face and he kisses me passionately as he fucks me, his tongue in my mouth mirroring his cock in my pussy for an instant. My hands are on his back; my legs are wrapped around his ass. His whole body feels hard and tense and the look in his soft brown eyes is not one of love or even lust but simply abandon. I'm moaning and I feel like my entire body is filled with pleasure and I'm transported. Both of us are somewhere else even as our bodies are here and now and locked together.

I come back to Earth panting and sweating but he's nowhere near done. He's not looking at me anymore, not kissing, his hands aren't gently exploring my skin but planted on the mattress for leverage. His breath comes in little grunts and he's thrusting so hard it actually pushes me back a few inches. I swing my legs up higher, bringing my feet almost to the level of his neck, changing the angle of everything and suddenly it's deeper. His cock is all the way inside me, so far I can actually feel his balls against my ass, and his face contorts and he starts moaning again and he grabs me hard, so hard there will be marks later, pulls back and fucks all the way into me and I can feel him come.

He stays in me for a moment after, going soft but still connected as he collapses on me and kisses my cheek and strokes my hair, and he gasps a little when he finally pulls out. He lays down beside me, I rest my head on his chest, and for a brief moment the world is nothing but a bed and a blanket and our bodies.


  1. I've been reading for quite some time now, but have never left a comment.

    I must admit, though, that this is one of my favourite posts - the passion you and he felt is evident and utterly indulgent and delicious. This is the kind of sex I like best with my boyfriend; passionate and wild, but with a direct connection to the other person...

  2. Anonymous - Thanks! Although for me... this isn't the kind of sex I like best. It's freakin' great sex and I love it, but the best sex comes with ropes and pain.

    And I've tried to convey but maybe I haven't done the best job, that that is also passionate and indulgent and delicious--it's not at all a lesser or dirtier feeling, it's a terrifyingly powerful sense of connection and deep pleasure and fulfillment.