Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taken in Vain.

"Oh Jesus, Alan. Jesus. Oh Jesus Jesus Jesus Alan JESUS CHRIST!"



"You're Jewish, doofus."


  1. Teehee, that's great!

    I've abdicated my Catholicism, and now I say JESUS all the time during sex and I love it. I don't feel bad about it anymore like during the good-old-Catholic-guilt-days... It's a huge relief. Either way, JESUSFUCKINGCHRIST always sounds really good during the middle of that "oh GOD YES" feeling, doesn't it?

  2. There's something very charming about this entire exchange.

  3. Karyn - I'm a rather atheistic Jew and if I thought through what I'm saying I wouldn't say "oh god" or anything of the sort at all, but... it's just a noise to make, isn't it? Sometimes it's "oh yes," sometimes it's "oh fuck," sometimes it's "oh god."

    Aebhel - Perhaps it's just the lack of gravity that's charming. Brandon's not one to react to anything with "that was magical, darling," and as a similarly callous and sarcastic soul I appreciate that.