Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sweet Seventeen.

I just found out that a couple I used to know, the man 22 and the woman 24, are exchanging sexy pictures with a 17-year-old they met on an anime forum. They're planning to cross state lines to meet her before her 18th birthday. She's a virgin and they've told her that they're in love with her.

I realize this is within months of legal and to be honest if it were a 17-year-old in a real-life relationship with one twentysomething I might be able to write it off as "kinda messed up but their own business." But the fact that they've never even met her, they want her first sexual experience to be a kinky polyamorous threeway, and they're constantly feeding her stories of unconditional love and of moving in with them and escaping all her problems in a dream poly family... that's sickening. (This couple is also scummy and insane in other ways, but none that hurt anyone except themselves and their families. They're not exactly role models, though.)

I don't know the kid's last name or have any proof beyond a scattered handful of wink-wink nudge-nudge Internet posts that anything illegal is happening.

The couple is constantly emailing me their crazy justifications ("She's so mature!" "We're in love!) without ever explicitly writing out what they're doing. It's driving me insane.

I hope this girl's parents find out, or that this turns out to be just another of their crazy plans that they never follow through on. I wish I could do more than hope.


  1. Might be a cop impersonating a 17 year old? Perhaps you could remind them of this and dissuade them...

  2. Anonymous - I think cops usually act a little younger, 14 or 15, to make the case more unambiguous. It's not impossible though. (My personal fantasy is that it's not a cop but it is a large man with a baseball bat.)

    I could never dissuade these people from anything, though--they're quite insane.

  3. I think you need to stop worrying about this. It might also help to cut off all contact with the crazy people.

  4. Bruno - I'm not going to post about it again (unless something completely crazy happens) and I'm going to try to forget about it because I just become pointlessly angry.

    (I also have my own personal vendetta rather entangled with the justified anger and I recognize this.)

    Anyway, following posts will be happy sexy times between nice sane consenting adults.

    (Or my personal vendetta against Cosmopolitan magazine, but that one is significantly less creepy.)

  5. In most states, 16 or 17 is legal. People get confused because 18 is the minimum age for making porn.