Sunday, January 27, 2008


Benny says "I'm really not attracted to fat women... I mean, uh, fat women who tie me up, that's, uh, different... but it's because I'm fat and I hate myse..." and literally stops in mid-word.

And because I am a sap and a sucker and a damn pushover, I put my hands on his belly and tell him (and it's not a lie) that I like it and it makes him look big and strong. He doesn't really believe me and I don't blame him. It's a scene I've been through more than once myself. (Well, usually without managing to insult my partner in the process, but it's Benny.)

No matter what I say, I suspect he's thinking what I always think: A lover who tells me I'm not fat is a liar, a lover who tells me he doesn't care is lowering his standards, and a lover who tells me he likes it is a damn pervert.

It's strange and touching to hear Benny be that honest. It also hurts every which way.

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  1. Mate, really. What's so pervy about liking to fuck someone fat? Because society says that fat people aren't hot at the moment? Bullshit. Personally anecdotally, my BBF is a fat girl (actually, she's absolutely beautiful - looks a bit like Nigella Lawson, but bigger) and her husband well enjoys fucking her ... and they are two of the most conservative, least pervy, people I know.

    You may not like your body at times, and he might not always be a fan of his ... but its not perverted to enjoy them.