Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh no, not another goddamn orgasm.

There's a lot of resources out there for men who come too fast, or women who can't come. I couldn't find any sex tips on how a woman can delay her orgasms.

I have another one of those problems I'll get no sympathy for: I come too fast. The first time takes a little revving up, but that usually happens in foreplay, and by the time we start fucking I'm having them every couple minutes. The problem is that they may be easy but they are exhausting. After I have an orgasm, I get thirsty, sleepy, and oversensitive. I can get horny again in a moment, but my immediate urge is to get everything out of my vagina and just lie down for a minute.

This all happens maybe two minutes into sex. So I muscle through the tired uncomfortable feelings, and the sex starts to feel good again, and two minutes after that I come again. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love coming, but if the guy is really working on me and he's taking his time, it takes a lot out of me. Most disappointing: I can't give a good performance on top for very long. To have four orgasms and still keep going full force--my mind is willing to tough it out but my body just can't do it.

What can I do? I could tell the guys to cut down on the foreplay, but dammit, I like it too much. I could try to make sex less orgasmic for me, but I don't know how; I come even without any clit stimulation. I often end up finishing the guys by other means, but that's a little disappointing, and also difficult when I'm exhausted and dry-mouthed.

I know, poor baby, having uncontrollable multiple orgasms, it must be so hard for you. But it seriously does hurt my performance. I love having orgasms, but when I'm with a guy who's going to go for thirty minutes, I need some way to ration them out.

Maybe I should think about baseball.


  1. You need to work on your stamina. Orgasm training! Vagina boot camp!

  2. Bruno - So I should, um, lift weights with it or something? (Actually, I've seen devices to do that, but they're all marketed as giving you more orgasmic potential. Great.)

    You may have a point about boot camp though... I should try harder to simulate field conditions when I'm doing training exercises. If you know what I mean.