Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scissors and Ice.

I went over to Benny's and yelled at him a bit about the "quality woman" thing, and he apologized. Admittedly both the admonishment and the apology were weakened by the fact that we had our toybags under our arms. "Tell me you're sorry or I won't hit you with this!" And then he hugged me, the bastard. Hugs from very large men are my Secret Weakness. If you're over 200 pounds and still manage to be cute, and you hug me, I am... put in a forgiving mood. As in "I'd forgive you if you fucked me right now."

So then he fastened leather cuffs around my wrists and tied me to the doorframe standing up. My wrists were high over my head (I'm 5'3" and can't touch the top of a door without jumping), so tight that I had to stand on tiptoe. I was wearing very old, very cheap pantyhose and panties. And Jon had scissors.

He knelt in front of me and I couldn't see what he was doing. I heard snips and felt metal sliding on my skin, and a sudden rush of cool air. Benny came up with the torn scraps of my panties and stuffed them in my mouth. He crouched down again and I heard and felt him cutting away at the pantyhose, not taking all of it, just making slits that stretched in wide ovals over my skin. My ass was exposed, and my pussy, and only strings remained over my thighs. Benny stroked my pussy for a moment, only long enough to get me wet, then stood up and took out a whip.

I don't know if he was gentler on me or if I've learned to take it better, but there was no pain. I could feel the smacking of leather strips on my skin and it made me moan and squirm but not because it hurt. Benny was naked and hard in front of me and I was wet between my thighs, desperate to fuck him then and there but he stayed just out of reach, a whip length away, hitting me where I wanted to be fucked.

He dropped the whip and stepped in and I wrapped one leg around him, and with my other leg stretched barely down to the floor and my arms still tied far over my head, he slid his cock into me. I came almost instantly and he stopped. He pulled out and untied me and with a little sigh of relief I dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock hungrily.

He didn't let me finish him. He wanted to be tied up. I took fifty feet of rope and did the biggest fanciest tie I've ever done. His entire body was crisscrossed with rope from neck to ankles. I attached him very securely to the bed, blindfolded him, said "don't go anywhere," and (I know this is bad but it was like five seconds okay) left the room.

I came back with a glass of ice cubes, holding them very carefully so they wouldn't clink. I took a cube, held it high over him, and squeezed it, letting just the cold drips fall on his chest. The first one made him yelp and after that he just moaned. I swirled ice cubes around his nipples and then warmed them again with my mouth. I dripped the cold water directly on his cock and even though he whimpered he didn't lose his erection. My hands were cold from handling the ice so I set it down on his belly and warmed my hands between his legs. More wonderful noises. His muscles were tense and quivering and not just from the cold. I squeezed the pre-come out of his cock and made him lick it up.

And then I finally fucked him properly. I got on him and grabbing the ropes I fucked him hard and nobody was teasing anybody this time, I kept going and he was moaning and writhing under me for what seemed like hours and when he came he screamed my name.

Afterwards I only took off the knots holding him to the bed, and with his body free but still wrapped in rope he rolled over and cuddled me. Getting him all the way untied was too much work for the moment when we just wanted to hug and kiss and laugh and nap.

Later we fucked regular, which is something we've only just started doing--we met for bondage but we have pretty damn hot sex when it's "only" sex as well. We went through about twelve positions (some of them crack-uppingly awkward) in as many minutes and ended up with him on top with his head buried in the crook of my neck and just moaning uncontrollably.

Benny loves sex. He enjoys the hell out of himself whenever we have it and I love that. I mean, most guys enjoy sex, but Benny is a goddamn enthusiast. It's great.

I showered but I can still smell him on me.


  1. A fun trick is to put an ice cube in a condom and insert it.

  2. Bruno - I honestly don't know if you're joking or not. The way he squealed from just drips... but then again, what's wrong with more squealing?

    But it reminds me of a rather bad (retrospectively hilarious) experience from my Wild Youth. Keil and I were in his room at home playing with an ice cube, and he slipped it inside me (no condom), and... at that moment his dad knocked on the door. I was wearing a shirt so I pulled a blanket over my waist (I'm sure that totally fooled the old man!) and tried to look innocent. With the ice cube still in me.

    And Keil's dad came in, and he didn't say anything about the blatant sex he'd interrupted--he just talked. And talked, and talked, and talked. His day at work, what he was making for dinner, the weather, he went on. And the whole time I had to keep a straight face and talk normally and give no indication that my vagina was freezing to death.

    By the time we got privacy again, the ice had melted.

  3. I'm serious. It allows the ice to melt without affecting lubrication.