Monday, January 7, 2008

For your security.

I got off the plane and there was a ticket in my bag saying "Notice of Baggage Inspection"--the TSA had gone through my stuff!

My stuff included: a ball gag, a "Waterproof Clit Exciter with Love Nubs," a hundred feet of rope, about twenty condoms, and latex surgical gloves.

Well. They put it all back where they found it. They didn't write anything snarky on the inspection note. I understood when I checked the luggage that it was subject to inspection. I'm sure everyone who works for the TSA has seen sex toys before. There's not really anything to be angry about. (Well, except the Fourth Amendment, but never mind that.)

Nonetheless I could die of embarrassment.

(Actually, I can be angry: I bet they did this because they saw sexy shadows on the X-ray, knew damn well it was just sex toys, but went all "oh, I gotta take a looksee at this!" Which is very unprofessional but very likely.

Someone should do an experiment: fly a hundred bags without sex toys, and a hundred bags with, and see what the inspection rates are.)

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  1. I am totally doing that experiment next time I'm on an airplane.