Sunday, January 27, 2008

Scattered Alanfucking.

•Last night I had to work the graveyard shift, 11 PM to 8 AM. I went over to Alan's until 11 because he lives a few blocks from my work and it's convenient. And then I had sex with him three times. It was a tough shift after that. (Especially since I couldn't wear underwear to work because my panties were, um, not clean.)

•Okay, I am completely unable to estimate the size of objects, because Alan's penis is five inches something. The only explanations I have for thinking it was enormous are:

a) Alan is a tiny man, so it's proportionally enormous.
b) It's thick! It feels huge inside of me and I think I feel girth more than length.

•When most guys have an orgasm they thrust hard and fast until they're done. Alan thrusts faster and faster up until he comes, but at the actual moment he just pushes himself as far in as he can, holds still, and... pulses it into me. Maybe I'm just more aware of it because he's the only guy I've barebacked, but I think it's unusual. And kind of hot in its weird way.

•Alan turns red down to his shoulders during really good sex. Last night I could actually see a ragged border between red and white across the top of his chest. I looked in the mirror afterwards and the same thing had happened to me.

•Another benefit of dating a tiny man: making out and doing foreplay (is there a verb for that? foreplaying?) standing up. Most guys would end up with their dick against my stomach (or in Jon's case, my ribs) trying to do that, but Alan lines up with me rather better. We can't quite have all-out sex standing up, but we can do most everything else.

•Alan's skin is remarkably soft. I think it's even smoother than mine, and compared to other men it's amazing. It feels wonderful. He's silky.


  1. Holly, I completely adore your blog, as a teenager who's only marginally interested in having sex but surrounded by BDSM friends it's interesting getting a more... grown-up perspective I guess? That's not really it, mostly it's just your up-front attitude I like, but it's not like complete sexual openness is a stranger to me, so I don't really know guess.

    Anyways, that's not actually why I'm commenting, I wanted to tell you that I have no fucking clue who any of the people you fuck are. I think you started using fake names at some point, but there's Brandon and there's Jon and there's Alan and there's Benny and that's not to mention Brian and Kevin. At some point you mentioned someone else whose name started with 'K' but I don't remember who, maybe it was a typo. I can't tell if the kinky one is short with big dick or tall with a medium one, I can't tell if Mr. Boring is tiny or small, I can't even tell who you're sleeping with half the time until you mention rope. It's confusing as all hell. I plan to continue reading, but if you're going to use fake names you should be consistent. tut tut

    (Don't worry, you're still highly entertaining, your comments on sexual openness are interesting too and most of the time I agree completely)

  2. HerpDerp, I meant to put an email address so I could actually tell if you responded... this comments's linked to my email.

  3. S (previous long term partner) and J (FWB) both go up to the hilt and stop when they orgasm and I think it is super hot.