Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Night With Benny.

-He comes to the door in, indeed, a "goddamn penguin suit." It could not be hotter. His apartment has three floors and the jacket, shirt, and pants each end up on a different one. The tie is still on him when we fuck. He's got a ball gag in his mouth and the sight and sound of his muffled orgasmic moans drives me crazy.

-I'm tied to the bed face down, legs spread, hands cuffed to the headboard, gag in my mouth now. He uses three different whips on my ass and by the third one it doesn't even feel like pain anymore. I'm relaxed, accepting it. Then he takes a long thin vibrator and slides it all the way up my pussy. I come quickly and feel relieved, ready for him to untie me and say "Welp, that was fun," but he doesn't stop. He keeps fucking me with it, and I come again. Are we done now? No. Again.

Eventually it's too much, he's giving me no break, I keep coming and I can't take it, I just want to get away. I start almost involuntarily writhing away from it, scooting as far forward as the ropes will let me, trying to close my legs, and he just follows me with it and keeps fucking me with it. I start to realize I can't stop him and I also can't stop feeling it. I can't even hold back the orgasms and they're near-continuous and not even fun anymore and the gag isn't doing a damn thing, I'm fucking screaming. There are tears on my face when he finally stops.

-A bit later in the night, he tries to fuck my ass and can't--not that it's painful, but I'm shut tight and can't relax. (This happens too often, actually; I am not a butt expert and although the spirit is willing, the flesh can be... not weak enough.) I suggest using a toy and he watches me slide a buttplug up my ass. I don't think he's seen someone do this before because I hear him go "Holy shit" under his breath.

At first he just lies next to me watching my face and stroking my breasts while I wiggle the plug in my ass and gradually become able to work it in and out. When I'm ready I tell him "Make yourself useful," and put his hand on the base of the plug. He fucks me with it, first tentative, then hard and rough as he sees I can take it. At some point we lose sight of our original goal and just get into fucking me with the toy. It's not painful. It's... intense. I'm wide-eyed, panting, somewhere else. And I feel something I haven't before with buttfucking. I'm building up to something. A shaking, spasming, brutally powerful orgasm. "Holy SHIT," Benny says, aloud this time.

-For most of the night we just cuddle. We kiss. We giggle an awful lot. We are not in love and there are no rose petals. But we are increasingly deeply in like and there are a lot of very tight hugs. We say rude and cruel things to each other and don't mean them.


  1. "Deeply in like"!
    Hurrah for paradigm shift!
    (Oh, and congratulations. Sounds like you had a blast.)

  2. Scott - I find that my paradigms are okay when I actually see people. It's when I'm away from them for too long that I get weird. I start having a relationship with "Jon reconstructed in my head" which is invariably less healthy than the one I have with actual flesh Jon.