Monday, January 14, 2008


Whenever I cuddle with someone, I have to adjust my position every three seconds. It's not that I don't like cuddling--cuddles are the bestest!--it's just some sort of instinct. Preventing pressure sores, maybe.

I know it drives guys nuts, and it probably gives the impression I'm slightly uncomfortable with them, but cuddling and not moving feels like holding in a sneeze.


  1. I never seem to notice that my nightshirt is twisted sideways and I'm losing all circulation in my arm until my fiance is just about to fall asleep. Drives the poor guy nuts.

  2. Hey- this is ridiculously late, but being unable to stay comfortably still is often a dyspraxia thing. I always shuffle about when I'm lying with someone too. My ex hated it, always took it as something I was doing to him thoughtlessly that I could easily stop. He didn't understand how unpleasant it was to just lie still. Also, he was a jerk.